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Proud Parents

posted Oct 21, 2013, 5:55 AM by Robin Neil Family
Well, we are well into the school year now and things are going well. Lucy is doing amazing at school - even doing pre-reading, writing letters and words and doing basic math. We are so proud of her accomplishments. But, even more than that we are thrilled about the wonderful person she is becoming. The other day she offered to hold the door open for a busload of elderly people at the local Chinese restaurant. They were all so thankful to her. She also asked us for a quarter so she could put it in one of those cardboard stands that raises money to find a cure for cancer. She is also so protective and loving towards her cousins, Lily & Asher, and loves playing with them. She is such a happy child as this photo demonstrates and we know she would make a such a fantastic and loving big sister. 
As for Neil & Robin, our school years are also going well. Neil is a favorite teacher of all his students and they are excited that they might have him for "more than one class next year". Robin is at a new school this year where she has been welcomed by the community and they are excited to see learn from her. On the homefront, over the summer, we removed the old deck by our kitchen and replaced it with a brand new patio and huge yard, and just installed a new storage shed to house our bicycles and other stuff freeing up room in the garage and playroom.