Lucy, Daughter

"Big Sis" | Also known as "Sweetie", "Darling", "Pumpkin", and "Beanie Baby"



Running, Laughing, Tickling, Singing, Reading, Dancing, Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora, Playing, Cooking, Reading, Coloring, Bubbles, Stickers, Dress Up and Playing with Dolls.

Places I've Visited
New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and hoping to visit "Mickey Park" soon!

Fun Facts
1. I'm adopted too!
2. I can't wait to be a big sister.
3. I just switched into a big girl bed.

Favorite URLs

Disney Junior
Sesame Street
About Lucy - By Robin & Neil

Lucy is an amazing child. Now, I know what you are thinking. All parents are going to say that about their child. But, it's true. Innately, she is intelligent and funny and caring and fun-loving. She has also acquired traits and characteristics from both of us.

Like Robin, she is empathetic and optimistic. She always sees things in the best possible way, is thoughtful and appreciative of outward gifts and little things, and goes out of her way to help others. She is a people person and relates well to older kids, younger kids and adults.

Like Neil, she is independent and determined which fuels her desire to do things on her own and to learn by doing. She is able to express her emotions, but also easily forgives and forgets

Like both of us, she loves school and learning. She has an insatiable desire to take in new information, process it and regurgitate it. She is always asking questions and is already starting to recognize letters, her name and basic information about herself. She also comprehends more than she is able to express.

While Lucy is not yet able to write something about herself, she would tell you that can't wait to be a big sister. She adores her little cousins (twins Lily & Asher) who are 18 months younger than her. When we told her about our plans to adopt another child, she promptly informed us that she wants a brother AND a sister!