Neil, Father


"Daddy" | Also known as "Dada", "Daddy-Dad", "Mr. W", and "Uncle Neil"

Elementary School Teacher
Middle School English & Social Studies Teacher


Travel, Cooking, Volleyball, Theater, Reading, Writing, Movies, Spending time with family & friends

Places I've Visited
Canada, France, Mexico, the Caribbean, Spain, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Tahiti and Italy. Highlights in the US include the Eastern seaboard, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, California, Chicago, Indiana, Florida, Georgia and countless visits to Disney World.

Fun Facts
1. I worked for CNN during the 2000 Election and the 911 terrorist attacks.
2. I previously worked for Disney Channel.
3. I attended the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.
4. I was born in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.
5.  I have performed in Off-Off Broadway theatrical productions.
6. I appeared as an extra in a local commercial for a NYC restaurant.

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About Myself - By Neil

From a very young age I was aware that I wanted to grow up and raise a family.  I watched my parents, especially my dad, and hoped that role was in my future.  I always loved having younger children around, which is why I eagerly welcomed my little brother into my family when I was 2 1/2, as well as my little cousins with whom I always enjoyed spending time. Spending time with family was always important, and entertaining the youngest relatives was a task I always took on.  We'd play board games and sports, watch videos and sing songs.

I was always known as the Pied Piper for kids, which served me well working as a camp counselor, youth group adviser and children's theater performer.  Children have always been drawn to my youthful demeanor and knew right away that they would be respected and heard. As a teen-ager, I loved coaching and tutoring younger kids.

Finding my soul mate in Robin and locating our daughter, Lucy, has brought me closer realizing my lifelong desires.  The ability to provide a sibling for Lucy and a second child for Robin and I, would complete our family.  I grew up with a younger brother and I know first hand how wonderful it is to have a sibling who is an instant best friend who can be counted on for life.  Together, Robin and I have watched Lucy grow up and develop, and that has given us both such joy and pride.  Being a dad has proven far more rewarding than I could have even imagined.  I would love to experience that again and be able to share it with Robin and Lucy.

About My Husband - By Robin

Neil is a wonderful, caring and gentle man with a big heart and a smile that lights up a room.  He is fun-loving, passionate and close to his family.  That family closeness is one of the things that attracted me to him.  His family and friends know that they can always count on him.  Growing up, Neil traveled with his family, and friends as he got older, to Europe and throughout the US.  He loves to learn about different cultures and explore the world.  He also has a passion for singing, theater, and volleyball.

I met Neil at a small gathering and immediately felt at ease.  He always makes people feel comfortable and I sensed a connection.  We both knew what we wanted, and it was each other. We both had the same dreams.  To enjoy life, be healthy and happy, and raise a family together.   I knew that Neil & I were meant for each other.

Neil also loves children and they adore him.  He is a fabulous father to our daughter, Lucy, balancing teaching and listening, playing and discipline, creative outlets and organization with ease. Neil's love for Lucy is reflected back in her own admiring, loving eyes. In addition, my cousins' children, the neighborhood kids, and our friends' kids always flock to Neil who tells them stories, plays with them and most importantly treats them with respect.  It was no surprise to me when Neil decided to change careers to become a teacher. He treats his students with respect, while holding them to high standards of learning.  He engages them so that they want to learn, even subjects that they don't normally like.

I knew Neil would be a great father and he has proven it to be true.  He will share his love of life with a second child, helping them to find their way and pursue their own interests, just as he does with Lucy.  He will support them, comfort them, and love them forever.