Robin, Neil, and Lucy

Robin, Neil & Lucy

Our Family | Also known as "The Fam", "The Nuclear Unit", "The Mishbucha", "Us"

Robin & Neil Together

Shared Interests

Travel, Cooking, Watching TV, Relaxing by the fireplace, Spending time with family & friends

Places We've Visited Together
Greece, Tahiti, Italy, Disney in Orlando FL, Lancaster PA, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Nashua NH, Boston MA, Albany NY

Fun Facts
1. When we met, we bonded over writing
2. We were both on JDate but never showed up in each other's search
3. We both planned on being a single parent if we didn't meet "the one" by a certain age

Our Story
We first met at a small community Shabbat dinner in New York, organized for singles.  Although there were many more women in attendance than men, we spotted each other immediately.  The rest is history.  We spent nearly a year dating before we got engaged.  We had a large wedding because it was important for us to share the day with our family and good friends.

As a couple, we compliment each other completely, and work well together in solving all sorts of dilemmas.  We spent nearly a year, after getting married, looking for a home, which we eventually found and purchased.  We are really lucky to be in an active, social neighborhood, with neighbors who have become close friends.

Together we enjoy spending time with our daughter, Lucy; traveling, reading and playing in the park. We also enjoy theater, movies and baseball games. Most of all, we enjoy time spent with our families and friends. We consider ourselves blessed that we found each other and our daughter. We look forward to growing our family and sharing the good times with our children.We cherish the memories we have made and look forward to making many more as our family grows.

Robin, Neil & Lucy as a Family

Shared Interests

Walks around the neighborhood, Singing & Dancing, Going to the playground, Visiting children's museums, aquariums and zoos; Building with Legos, Reading, Cooking

Places We've Visited Together
Sesame Place, Dutch Wonderland, Hershey, and most recently Disney World!

Fun Facts
1. Every month of Lucy's first year, and every 3 months since, we take a photo in front of our fireplace and our media shelves to see how she has grown
2. We eat dinner together every night
3. We can all recite the theme songs to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora, Little Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Our Story
The way we came to be a family is through adoption. We had such a positive experience the first time that we decided to try it again. After completing all the requisite paperwork and necessary legal steps, we began to advertise in local papers while we contemplated our broad advertising strategy.

Amazingly, we got a call from Lucy's birth mother in the 2nd week of our advertising. She was already in her 7th month of pregnancy! So, we quickly went to meet her and knew that it was meant to be. Lucy was born 2 short months later, fortunately after a planned induce date, and we were right there from the very beginning. Robin cut the cord as Neil waiting anxiously in the waiting room. Robin texted "It's a girl!".

The next day, Lucy was released from the hospital, papers were signed and we were on our way home with our brand new daughter. It was the most amazing day of our lives!