Robin, Mother


"Mommy" | Also known as "Mama", "Kiddo", "Sis", and "Aunt Robin"

Technology and Business Teacher
Educational Technology Coordinator


Tennis, Travel, Cooking, Reading, Writing, Gymnastics, Genealogy, Technology, the Olympics, Online Safety, Digital Scrap-booking, Spending time with family & friends

Places I've Visited
Canada, France, Mexico, the Caribbean, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Tahiti and Italy. Highlights in the US include Hawaii, the Eastern seaboard, St. Louis, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, California, Chicago, Florida including numerous Disney visits, and Madison Wisconsin.

Fun Facts
1. I have over 1400 names in my family tree (and that doesn't even include Neil's side).
2. I worked for Netscape in the .com years - a whirlwind adventure!
3. When I was growing up, my friends called my family "The Beaver Cleaver Family" since we were so close-knit.
4. I started a sorority in college, and joined a co-ed business fraternity in grad school, so I am both a "sister" and a "brother".
5.  I survived the attacks on 9/11.

Favorite URLs

The Food Network
USA Gymnastics
TED: Ideas Worth Sharing
EdTech Talk

About Myself - By Robin

Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of having a family. I always loved children, whether it was the excitement of having a new little brother in my family when I was 3, or when my Aunt & Uncle had a third child when I was 15, or when my cousins started having kids of their own, I was always ready to play, help, babysit or pitch in. I knew that having children was in my future though I didn't know just whom that would be with or how it would happen. When I met Neil, I knew that I wanted to share my life with him - to grow old with him - and to raise a family with him.

I also loved teaching, making up "courses" for my family to take with sign-up sheets on my bedroom door. I loved being able to share my experiences with others and to create a love of learning in others. I did not know back then that I would one day be a teacher - both to students in a school and as a parent. But, I know now that this was also destiny.

Lucy has made my dreams a reality. I love being a Mom - teaching her all about life - and learning from her. Her wide-eyed wonder and thirst for learning makes me smile every day and I am amazed by the phenomenal rate of development that happens in the first few years of life. But, I do not believe that our family is complete. I long for a second child to be a sibling to our Lucy and to bring even more laughter and excitement and fulfillment to our loving family.

About My Wife - By Neil

When I met Robin, my whole life changed.  She is the most wonderful, loving and inspirational person I have ever met.  Her smile is both inviting and contagious.  What first attracted me to her was the beauty and warmth in her eyes, but as I got to know her, I realized that there was much more there to love. 

Robin's zest for life is unparalleled.  She bravely walked away from the World Trade Center on 9/11, and found a new strength to continue and improve on her life, deciding to enjoy every moment.  She is the eternal optimist.

Robin is very into technology and strives to have the newest and the best.  This passion, combined with her love of children has brought about her latest challenge.  She has completed a Masters Program in Educational Technology, and is currently bringing her technology background into the educational forum.  A primary focus for her is online safety for children and parental awareness.

Robin is the person who will get the job done, no matter what it is.  She is responsible and works tirelessly, juggling many tasks at a time.  She is very family focused and has taken on the role of historian, maintaining the family tree.

Robin is great with children, as is evident with her daughter who is now almost 2 1/2. Our cousins and the neighborhood kids all want to be around her.

Robin has always dreamed of being a mother.  She is an amazing mom to our daughter and any child would be lucky to her as their Mom.