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Meet Neil's Family

Neil's parents have always been supportive and encouraging.  Whether it involved sports, theater arts, or community involvement, they were both inspirational and enthusiastic.

They have stressed the importance of family, which is why Neil is so close with many relatives.  He shared a very special bond with all of his grandparents and is very close with his aunts, uncles and cousins.

Neil's parents also taught positive values by example.  They instilled a good work ethic in the home, but always made time for family. Neil's parents served as role models for him and his brother, Brian.  Both were encouraged to get jobs, delivering newspapers, at a young age, to learn the value of a dollar.

Neil has always been very close with his younger brother.  He and Brian hung out in the same circles, went to the same college and have enjoyed travels together.  They are truly best friends.

When Brian first brought Anissa around, it was clear to Neil that she was the one.  They are now happily married, and Neil and Robin love that they live so close to us. They often drop by just to say Hi and they love to babysit Lucy even for an hour or so to get quality alone time with her and to give us a few moments out.

Neil’s family, as always, is fully supportive and encouraging as we plan for a new addition to the family.
Neil as a teenager with his family
Neil as a teenager with his family.

Neil with parents, brother & grandparents at his college graduation
Neil with parents, brother & grandparents at his college graduation.