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Our Holidays and Traditions

Chanukah, Oh Chanukah!.Chanukah with Family
Breaking the Glass at our Wedding
Breaking the Glass at our Wedding
At the Passover SederAt the Passover Seder

For us, the holidays are very special because they allow us to spend quality time with family, and often friends.  We both grew up treasuring holidays and appreciating the significance they have on our tradition.

We are both Jewish and have grown up appreciating the values and traditions that Judaism brings.  We now share these values with our daughter, who already has an appreciation for our holidays and Jewish songs. We have found a local synagogue which brings us a sense of comfort, community and spiritual satisfaction.

Holiday traditions include a large gathering for Thanksgiving, hosting Passover seders, lighting candles at Chanukah and reflecting on the Jewish New Year.  Special events such as weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs bring their own fun traditions.  We also enjoy celebrating secular holidays including Valentines Day, Independence Day, New years Eve, and Neils favorite, Halloween.

Providing a spiritual and religious upbringing for our children is important to us.  We emphasize with our daughter already and will continue to teach our children to be respectful of all people and appreciate differences among cultures.  They will be exposed to families of many different backgrounds in our community, and among our friends.  As parents and educators, we will instill strong moral values and ensure that our children live by a positive code of ethics.