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Our Parenting Philosophy

Robin and Neil are looking forward to expanding our family.  Having children has always been a desire for both of us, even before
Robin, Neil, and Lucy, Smiling Family
we met.  We enjoy the smiles and laughter of our daughter, as well as drying her tears, and sharing all life has to offer with her. We eagerly await a sibling for Lucy to share this all with.

Robin and Neil were both raised in loving, supportive and nurturing
Robin, Neil, and Lucy, Smiling Family
homes with families that we enjoy spending time with.  We know that we can provide our children with the same loving childhood, so they will grow up confident, secure, loved and appreciated, always.  We know that our children will understand and appreciate the importance of family and friends, and of making a difference in the world.

Our parenting philosophy is simple.  Treat others as you would have them treat you.  We will always treat our children with respect and dignity.  We will discipline them fairly, support them wholeheartedly, educate them fully, engage them completely and love them unconditionally.  Our children will be the shining lights in our lives, and we will cherish every moment with them.